l'Artiste ordinaire
[photo by Marc Fiaux]

l’Artiste ordinaire is the collaboration between Melissa Grey & David Morneau. They create sound in performance. Their music is a heady mix of machined beats, sound art practices, and soulful figurations focused by decades of classical music study. They bore inside moments of sonic ecstasy, exploding them into a trillion sparkling shards of shimmering sounds that swirl in a paradox of energized stasis. l’Artiste ordinaire designs projects that expand in endless variation to collaborate with musicians, video artists, designers, and creative technologists with Grey’s benjolin synthesizer and Morneau’s trombone at the center.

Drawn together by a compulsion to push beyond contemporary classical music conventions, Grey & Morneau founded l’Artiste ordinaire in 2016. Together they are developing an inscrutable and immersive creative process, which includes ancient and algorithmic sound practices. They embrace uncertainty, using structured improvisations, constrained processes, and found poetry to compose for an unknown future. They transcend known genres and forms to create immersive worlds of sound and color that invite listeners to float, to sway, to swim, to fly.

l’Artiste ordinaire has performed in a wide range of venues, including Queens Museum, Bargemusic, (Le) Poisson Rouge, Pine Box Rock Shop, and University of Pennsylvania’s Kislak Center for Special Collections, Rare Books and Manuscripts. In 2018, they were Joan C. Edwards Distinguished Professor of the Arts at Marshall University (West Virginia) and Toy Piano Pioneer Resident Artists at the Boyd Hill Nature Preserve in St. Petersburg, Florida. Their work is featured in Ao Vivo no Casarão | Lado B—a music documentary series—and in Circumference Journal for poetry in translation.

l’Artiste ordinaire is based in Manhattan and the Bronx.

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l’Artiste ordinaire is a collaboration between Melissa@nbsp;Grey@nbsp;&@nbsp;David@nbsp;Morneau.
We create sound in performance.